With Thanksgiving now less than 24 hours away, here in Michigan we're always able to count on a few things during it: good food and a Lions loss. I spent a few minutes cornering all of the crew here at Velocity simply asking what are you thankful for?

Bolt - 'coffee, cigarettes and nothing else.... wait, change it to FTW'
Jacobi - new baby boy, born 9/25, Curtis Russell
Paul - 'Paris-Roubaix, seriously I am'
Ryan - 'Rigid, steel 29ers and page 28 of the new Urban Velo'
John - being able to work with some of the most clever, funny, life-lovin', hardworking knuckleheads in the bicycle industry
Alex - 'long underwear, Belkap Park, and making it through another year without drinking too much or without seeing too many repercussions from drinking too much'
MD - '89 Cadillac Coupe Deville's
Matt - cheap beer and expensive women
Myself - polo, free time and good rides

If you're able, get out and enjoy an extended weekend. It's never too cold to ride and what better way to burn off the Black Friday stress. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! See you Monday!

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