Some things aren't right...

As many of you have heard, there is quite the situation brewing out in Colorado with an alleged hit-and-run case. How the local DA is handling the case is what has been causing the uproar. As more and more news outlets get the story, groups are forming to hopefully take action. One of those being from cyclingnews.com and Bike Radar tech editor, James Huang called 'We're People on Bikes, Not Lifeless Obstacles in Your Way'. There is an online petition that you can sign to join to help allow the judicial process to start.

Regardless of how this all plays out, it points out the important issue that as cyclists we need to make our voices heard otherwise we will be overlooked. In Urban Velo's latest issue, they took the bold stance of publishing pictures of a hit-and-run that ended in the tragic death of a cyclist to help serve as a reminder of the cost when things go horribly wrong. As cyclists we must stand up and let our voices be heard!

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