A few weeks ago, at the Granogue Cyclocross races in Delaware the Geek House squad showed up and threw down, rocking some Major Tom's they brought out some great finishes and a win! Another team we love being a part of... here's a little write up they posted on their blog:

Congrats Donny!

Donny is the best! Mr. Green dominated Granogue with a 1st place finish on Day #1 and a 2nd place finish on Day #2. Makin’ us proud! Congratulations Donny, you’re the best.

This was Donny’s first race on his new Velocity (@VelocityUSA) wheelset. Mr. Green said and I quote, “Ground Control to Major Tom- these wheels rock!” OK, he didn’t actually say that but he did just have us order him another set so he can train without risking his tubulars and ch-ch-changing his cantis every ride. Thanks to Velocity for helping a neon brother out!

Photos courtesy of @GroovyLab. More pix of Donny at Granogue on GroovyLab’s Flickr. Thanks again for the great shots!

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