1x, 2x, 3x, maybe with a Twist

Some things are great conversation starters, some are just appealing and we can't put our hands on why, others are so wrong they are right. I don't know if that describes what has come up in conversation a few times since Frostbike but this wheel sure does catch the eye.

Yes, we like it even more that it's a B43 but we can appreciate this unique lacing pattern done up by the guys at Handspun [if you were at the show you would have seen one of these in our booth or in their booth]. JBolt rocks a snowflake lacing on one of his rigs and was jazzed about this once he saw it.

Another unique project we had going for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend was that done by Jacobi. If you follow us on Twitter you've already seen this but it's part table, part display, and part pump. This came about through trying to find an original way to display all our spoke and nipple colors. Sure there are probably easier ways of doing it that might take up less room but leave it to Jacobi to come up with this concept.

Here are a few of the main parts you'd need if you feel like making one of your own:
1 - 32 hole, 20" [406] Fusion Rim
1 - old Schwinn pump
1 - 20" tire
1 - piece of glass cut to proper size

*You'll also need some sort of larger base for the pump so it won't fall over on you. Jacobi used an old chainring from a 1-piece crank. He also radial laced the wheel instead of any crossing pattern for a cleaner look. It's also good to note that the pump still pumps... sorta.

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