Paul's ride.

For today, our '...because we ride' comes from our Master Wheelbuilder, Paul with his Orbea. The only certified roadie on the crew but he keeps us in check, enjoy Paul's write up on his rig:

Because We Ride... If you were a fly on the wall here at Velocity USA you might ask yourself why does Paul ride? On a daily basis you would hear comments that are a direct attack on the sport I love. You see, I am a skinny tire riding, XL kit wearing, leg shaving roadie and I love every minute of it.
A great road ride for me is heading out into the wind 20-30 miles and when I finally get the tailwind I don't rest, I see how fast I can get home.

2004 Orbea stats:
-Aluminum frame with a carbon seatstay handbuilt in Spain
-Easton EC90 fork
-ITM carbon stem
-Ritchey handlebars
-Easton EC70 seatpost
-Serfas saddle
-Shimano Dura Ace 7800 group
-Velocity A23 wheelset
-Michelin Krylion 700x23 tires
-Velocity Bottle Trap

Just so you know, my co-workers are the best!
Bring it on boys!

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