Leave it to MD to find a way of using a heart icon in his 'because we ride' post. But I must say he gives Jacobi a run on creativity of post. Enjoy:

I my IRO

I love this bike. I got my IRO Mark V straight from Mr. IRO himself…Tony is great people. I am strictly a recreational rider. A mere poser in comparison to most of my colleagues and customers, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a ride on my fixed gear cruiser. Every time I plant my cheeks on the cushy leather saddle I feel years younger. It’s as if I have breathed new life and peace into my soul. I am whisked back to a simpler time in my life where my bike was my freedom. My faithful pedaled steed that would carry its young voyager from adventure to adventure, anywhere I wanted to go. The path was mine to choose and the opportunities were endless. As long as I told my mother exactly where I was going first, and I was home before the street lights came on. The only adventure I get on my IRO is a trip to the playground with my girlfriends little girl, a quick run to the closest party store to grab another 40, or the occasional drunken midnight stroll under the waxing crescent moon and star studded sky…just because I can.

I ran it as a single speed for less than a week. When I was sick of being called a pussy by my co-worker I flipped it and It’s been a fixed gear ever since. The frame and most components are still from IRO, but it’s a constant work in progress. Dimension hand-stitched leather grips, Shimano caliper front brake, Cane Creek brake lever, and a sweet leather saddle that I got at the Hand Made Bike Show in Portland…I can’t remember the make but I got a great deal on it because it didn’t have the brand label on it. 28mm white Vittoria Randonneur tires. And, of course, it sports bright gold Velocity Deep V rims, gold Velocity track hubs, DT Swiss double butted silver spokes, brass nipples, laced one cross MSW in the front, and three cross NONmsw in the rear…Built by yours truly. BOOSH!

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  1. Did you ever find out what brand the saddle is?