Weekend Dose of Vitamin V

Friday! What better way to launch into the weekend with a little taste of the ol' Vitamin V, it's part of a balanced ride. Every so often we experiment with new colors and designs for a rims. Although, Ripper Orange is not a new color for us, prior to Tuesday the B43 was the only rim we stocked with it. We got a few more rims with this vibrant orange: the Blunt, Deep V, and Chukker now instock. We have limited quantities of these and based on the popularity of them, the color may last, it may not. So be the first to rock these, contact your local bicycle shop for pricing and availability.

We are also extremely excited for a new image rim, Worms. This design was exclusively made for and is distributed through Seattle Bike Supply; and available through your local bike shop. SBS will be receiving this limited edition rims at the end of next week:

As we are on the verge of another Hallmark holiday, I'll leave with a song, a song that I'm not quite sure about, but it is a song about love... Bike love that is.

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