Happy J-Bolt Day.

Now, most days J-Bolt, or Jeff if you get him on the phone, is simply trying his best to get me to just write about him on this here ol' blog. I won't lie, most of what he says... pretty funny but nevertheless probably a bit offensive to some, and he's ok with that and so I respectfully withhold some of the 'genius' from you all.

Today is different. It's J-Bolts birthday: 26 long years, or '3/4 of the way dead' in his own words. It's difficult to know for sure what way to celebrate our Shipping Managers birth. The same man who, shouts with joy '$6.66' whenever it comes up on a shipment and his words of wisdom to me today were:

'Life sucks. Love sucks. Dose out.'

Ok... well, I'll leave you with a little video we posted back in the summer. Happy Birthday Boltman!

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