This past weekend there was a lot riding to be had: Ryan, Rachel, and Matt along with a crew of others headed up north for a two day ride that ended up being a good 150 mile trip, Jacobi threw down at the Fort Custer Stampede, and J-Bolt continued the shaping of the pump track at the GR Bike Park.

We also sent out some rims to the 5th annual VeloCity 2010 Tour. This is a 4 city tour that spans the whole U.S.. The first stop on the tour occurring in L.A. for the 3 day event. A number of races, parties and polo, all made for a great time for all who showed, I'm sure. The next 3 dates and cities go as follow:

May 22nd :: Chicago

July 3rd :: NYC

TBA :: San Francisco

For more details head over to the Cyclehawk website, but most importantly get out to these events! Thanks for the support, Squid!

Whether you're a messenger or mountain biker and everything in between, be sure to be checking all the events that we are a part of on the sidebar on the left. We do our best to keep that up to date. Each is an opportunity not only to get out on your bike, but also to score some Velocity gear.

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