Just when you think the world has gone to hell...

With the world we live in, it's not hard to turn on the TV and see all the horrible things that occur on a daily basis. It's easy to think that things are or have gone to hell and a handbasket. Last night, Jacobi and his wife were watching the local news here in Grand Rapids when a story of a local man who got his bike stolen from out of his front lawn.

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced having a bicycle stolen or at least losing some thing very important to us. The kicker to this story is that this man has cerebral palsy and relies on his bike to get to and from work everyday. The area of town that the bike was stolen in a highly populated. with a strong cycling community; as Jacobi told us of this story, we all knew exactly the bike that was stolen and from where, most of us even knew who he was. You can read the story from Wood TV8 here or watch the video below that shows there is still a little hope left in the world.

Within 5 minutes of the story airing people rose up, wanting to correct the wrong that happened to Nicholas Knack. Amazing. We've worked with TerraTrike/WizWheelz for around 15 years and seeing how quickly Jack and the rest of the crew worked to help out is simply an encouragement that the people who have the nerve to steal will not get the last word in situations like this.

A huge hats off to TerraTrike and the GR community!


We also just received a few photos from the guys who we work with to get the Halo reflective coating done on our rims. The wheels shown is first Velocity Reflective wheelset we built, a B43 trackset, blacked out with the exception of the 1 white spoke through the Velocity Reflective sticker.

Photos by Hugh Forte

We shot the picture below for a new magazine out of Austin, TX: The Dropout. In their next issue there should be a little segment on the Velocity Reflective rims and wheels that we're looking forward to being a part of.

Have a great weekend everyone, get out and ride and work on your skids...

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