There are some who ride...

... and there are some that RIDE.

The McFerrin Family are some of those in the latter. We have been following their journey from their blog for the last few months as Rick, Tanya and the boys made their way from Calgary, Canada to as far south as Mexico City. Rocking Velocity's along the way, their travels have taken them from Calgary down the US west coast crossing the boarder into Baja, Mexico; a short plane ride to Mexico City then making they're way north along the Gulf to Cleveland and now here in Michigan. This past Tuesday, they made their way through Velocity headquarters, Ryan and his family have had the privilege to be able to spend a little time with the McFerrin's as they visited Grand Rapids and camped in his backyard.

Rick and Tanya have ridden most of the world via their bikes, after what will end up being almost a year long self-supported ride their current journey will end once they make their way back to Calgary. The McFerrin family are definitely an encouragement and inspiration to anyone who desires to live in an intentional manner, not restricted by the 'normal' grind of life. And for that, all of us here at Velocity tip our hats to them.

Rick and Tanya also started an organization called Two Wheel View. Their organization sets out to provided 'leadership, environmental and cultural education programs to young people through their participation in bicycle expeditions. TWV programs focus on learning about other cultures, connecting with the natural environment, and encouraging healthy and active lifestyles - while experiencing the world from a seat of a bike.'

There are few of us that can compete with the amount of miles the McFerrins have ridden but we do share a common love for the bicycle and all that the cycling lifestyle provides. So get out, ride and experience the world!

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