Month of the Bike

After posting on a 16" folding fixie, I must say anything else is pretty much going to pale in comparison. Regardless, as most of you are aware, May is National Bike Month. A lot can be said about how to leverage this month to gain more attention for cyclists and raise awareness for a slew of different cycling related needs/causes.

The League of American Bicyclists head up this movement with this coming week for Bike Month being Bike to Work Week [May 17-21] and Friday, May 21, slated Bike to Work Day. This week could arguably be the most important week for Bike Month, by choosing to ride into work instead of driving can help bring cycling to the forefront of thought and conversation. From co-workers to passing motorists, questions will be asked or at least thought by others wondering if cycling is a viable alternative to driving. The more cyclists out commuting serve as reminders for the need for traffic rights and safety for all who are using the roadways.

The League of American Bicyclists is striving to pursue the National Strategy for Advancing Bicycle Safety that was put forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has with 5 very achievable goals within it:

Goal #1 Motorists Will Share the Road

Goal #2 Bicyclists Will Ride Safely

Goal #3 Bicyclists Will Wear Helmets

Goal #4 The Legal System Will Support Safe Bicycling

Goal #5 Roads and Paths Will Safely Accommodate Bicycling

These first 3 goals are the simplest to achieve yet seem often forgotten. As cyclists we have and desire equal rights to the road; with these rights we must also obey the rules of the road otherwise we forfeit those rights.

Be safe. Be smart. Now get out and ride!

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