Interbike... it's hard to separate these two products? Why? Well, the adhesive ofcourse. That's right, today we are highlighting our P35 rim and wheelsets along with our Velotape.

Let's start with the rim itself, last week Jacobi came up with a list of 'Cobi-isms that just work in trying to explain all what you gain with the P35. But here are some of the raw stats of the P35:

- Available in 26" [28, 32, 36 hole drillings], 650b [32 & 36 hole drillings] and 29er/700c [32 & 36 hole drillings]
- rim weight: 26" - 535 grams, 650b - 570 grams, 29er/700c - 600 grams
- colors: black, white, silver, electric red, antifreeze green, and check out some of our custom images
- Standard Build* weights 26" - 2250 grams, 650b - 2360 grams, 29er - 2450 grams
- Mid Build** weights 26" - 1920 grams, 650b - 1980 grams, 29er - 2090 grams
- Pro Build*** weights 26" - 1775 grams, 650b - 1860 grams, 29er - 1940 grams

* Standard Build: Velocity ATB Disc hubs with 14g spokes and brass nipples
** Mid Build: Velocity Lightweight ATB Disc hubs with DT Competition spokes with brass nipples
*** Pro Build: Velocity Lightweight ATB Disc hubs with Sapim CX-Ray spokes with alloy nipples

As with all of our rims, we've got a number of different levels of handbuilt to order wheelsets, or we can customize a wheelset to your specific liking, need and desire. Just contact your local bike shop for details and pricing.

Check out a few of the reviews on the P35 wheelset check out these links:
- TwentyNineInches.com
- MTBr.com
- Gram Light Bikes


If you've read any of those reviews, you'll notice that most of them are rocking our Velotape, designed specifically for the P35.

The kit includes 10 meters of transparent Velotape, enough to setup two 29” P35s, and 2 high quality tubeless valves with removable cores. Installation is easy, requiring only a small punch and sharp scissors. As always, the Velotape is available through your favorite local bike shop or online dealer for around $29.99.

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