You might have stumbled upon this over at Prolly's blog a few days ago but there is a stellar thing about it, this is a project we have had the privilege of being a part of for some time. As Patrick Seabase [being filmed/blogged by Ian White] riding on what can really only be said to be an epic fixed gear ride; and what rims is he rocking along the way? The one, the only... A23.

I'll just repost Ian's post from Tuesday, continue to check out their journey at their website Cutterskink.

Patrick Seabase x Grimsel Switzerland

This Summer has been a lot of fun, I have had the pleasure of joining Swiss cyclist Patrick Seabase on a few mountain rides, documenting what I feel are some truly amazing cycling achievements. I've witnessed sheer determination and guts as he's climbed and then descended alpine passes that would test professional and experienced road cyclists. Averaging speeds of 30-35km per hour over 120 km rides with descents at speeds of 75-80 km per hour, all being done on his own prototype carbon track bike frame with a fixed gear (49/17) ratio. If that was not challenging enough for this inadvertent icon he also rides brake-less. Much more on this will be revealed in Issue 7 of Amateur magazine due out early October, until then here are some photos taken during a recent ride over the famous Grimsel pass.

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