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You might have noticed in the last issue of BRAIN [Bicycle Retailer and Industry News], the September 1 issue on page 30, our Halo Wheelsets and Rims were highlighted in the Tech Briefs selection. If you didn't have a chance to check it out here is the copy:

Glass Bead Powder Coat Lights up Velocity Rims

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - When Ohio-based Halo Coatings added tiny glass balls to a powder coat formulation, it found the coating was highly reflective. That got the attention of Velocity, a rim maker that now has an exclusive to use the patented reflective powder coating on its rims. 'We've offered reflective rims before using 3M reflective decals, but the Halo coating is much more durable, and since it covers the entire rim, quite a bit more noticable,' said Adam Lorenz, Velocity USA's director of marketing. 'The coating doesn't affect braking, but there is a slightly different feel at the lever, so we offer many of the Halo Reflective rims with machined sidedwalls,' he added. Millions of microscopic glass beads float in liquid powder coat to provide a rim surface that reflects light back to its source. The Halo powder coated rims appear graphite in color, but reflect bright white when struck with direct light. Lorenz said the rims have been popular with commuters and recumbent riders who can run reflective rims instead of the hard-to-find 20-inch reflective tires. Velocity offers a variety of models including 20-inch, 26-inch and 700c rims with the Halo Reflective coating. The reflective powder coat increases the cost of the rim 40 to 50 percent.


A dang fine write up to say the least and hard to say more with less words. The Halo powder coating has been an incredible addition to the Velocity line and a must for anyone who is touring, commuting or just looking to stand out... literally.

The 7 rims [Model : Size : Drilling : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall] offered in with the Halo reflective powder coating go as followed:

- Dyad : 700c : 32H 36H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- Fusion : 700c : 32H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- Deep V : 700c : 32H 36H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- B43 : 700c : 32H : Nonmachined Sidewall
- Cliffhanger : 26" [559] : 36H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall
- Aeroheat : 20" [406] 26" [559] : 32H : Machined Sidewall/Nonmachined Sidewall

All of these models are instock and available through your local bicycle shop.

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