A Post-weekend, pre-weekend recap

On the verge of a new weekend, why not a recap of the past weekend. Matt and Alex headed up to the Fixed Gear Symposium in Traverse City, MI as part of the Third Coast Bicycle Festival that was going on there. I asked Matt to do a little write up and here's what he came back with this and a fair amount of photos [ for those of you who don't like to read or wanting to see reference photos they go in order to Matt's red notes, sorry if the formatting on today's post sucks]... Enjoy your 3 day weekend everyone!

Ever heard the story of creation, told by a Michigander? It generally includes the events associated with the formation of the globe, depending on the orator’s religious, spiritual or scientific views…but ends with a twist. Michigan, it turns out, is the handprint of God him/her/it self. This places Traverse City, Michigan and her twin, magnificent bays at the tip of the left ring finger of the creator of the universe. If you’ve ever been to Traverse, you realize that’s not much of a stretch.

This weekend I had the privilege of traveling to TC for the first Third Coast Bike Week and my fourth Fixed Gear Symposium. The Symposium is put on by Dennis of the Fixed Gear Gallery, who tirelessly organizes, promotes and executes a number of events glorifying the simplicity that is a fixed gear bicycle. My crew [::bikerack] and I arrived late Thursday night and set up camp [:: cinelli tent] in a back yard on Webster Street. We were graciously hosted by JW’s parents who have two wonderful dogs [::daag] and a very centralized location in the city, which proved to be a very effective base camp throughout the weekend. We rolled out to say hello to the town and have some drinks at U & I, when suddenly a cyclist veered in front of me and we collided head on. Needless to say I was a bit upset at his carelessness and the busted jaw I received as a result. Straightened out the handlebars, checked the Deep Vs for true (they were) and headed to the bar to cleanse my new wounds with a bit or rail tequila. Properly lubricated, we set out and pre rode the hill for Friday’s Wayne Street Hill Climb.

Alex competed and took home seventh place in the fixed division [::alex hill climb]…not too shabby! Jill took second [::jill # two hill climb] in the women's division, 2010 Hillclimb Times. With beer levels at an unacceptably low level, we headed to Right Brain Brewery and treated ourselves to a few of their fantastic brews. We departed and headed down to the Cherry Roubaix sprints, where Jay was able to capture third place in the highly competitive fixed division and first place in “doing it in style” [::jay sprint] division. The star of the show, however, was a guy on a BMX [::sprint BMX] who was keeping pace with kitted roadies for ¾ of the course. The crowd loved it! Since we had an early morning alleycat the next day, we all decided it would be best to rip around the city and consume copious amounts of beer for the rest of the night. We did so and casualties were minor, hilarity was major [::casey party], and the morning of course came too quickly.

After a good breakfast [::alleycat breakfast] (remember I’m on a liquid diet at this point), Bob and I rode the alleycat [::bob alleycat] at a leisurely pace. “Mustache” [::mustache] was the first rider back and took home a set of special edition B43 wheels. After awarding prizes and congratulations, we scooted over to the Ben's Cycle Polo Tournament, which was held inside the Cherry Roubaix Criterium Race circuit. Six teams competed for top honors, and our team (Bob, Casey {casey polo} and myself) was able to take second place after a disappointing shutout handed to us by the Ann Arbor team. Big Matt {big matt} is a fantastic goalie, and we played him all together too clean. Next time your @$$ is mine, Matt.

Jay won the shark competition [::jay shark] and took home a really nice Mission Workshop backpack. Nate from TC won the trackstand competition [::nate trackstand] and with it a slick Aerospoke front wheel. Thoroughly exhausted, we headed back to the Symposium tent and were treated to a taco bar [::tacos] complete with Katy’s own homegrown chicken. Yum…only took me one hour to down two tacos. We drank our fill, rode a bit and hit the sack. Sunday’s agenda included only two things, pack up and hit the beach [::bay]. What a fabulous weekend. Thanks again to Dennis for all the hard work and to the city for its hospitality. Can’t wait for next year!

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