The Art of the Wheelbuild

Early this week, I got an email from a friend and former co-worker, Brian from Europa Cycle, saying this after a personal wheelbuild:

Another notch in my wheel building belt. I think I am up to 7 now. It went together great. I used a Deore hub, easy and cheap. I hope that I never have to build anything besides Velocity rims.

Now, we all know, honestly, anyone can build some thing that ends up looking like a wheel but the art that is wheelbuilding is a skill that each person develops and hones with each wheel built. It truly is a beautiful mix of science and art.

After receiving Brian's email, it got me thinking about some of the photos you all had submitted over on our Facebook page...

From creative lacing patterns to attempting to eat your new wheel, each has been great to see. Keep uploading them to Facebook, tell a story or two about your wheelbuilding experience or you can email me, adam@velocityusa.com, and you never know, your story might be seen here! I'll leave you with a video that was recently posted by our friends over at W-Base Bicycle Garage, showing their build of a P35 to some track hubs.


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