Alex and I spent our "spring break" down south in Kentucky. Our host was the FINE club of Lexington Bike Polo. We arrived early Saturday morning and met up with our friends Nicola and
Kellen. We slept late and headed to Tally-Ho for some greasy breakfast and accuracy training, pictured left. Thoroughly fed and well sighted in, we headed into the heart of the beast that is the Lexington St. Patrick's Day Parade. We took in the sights, imbibed the local flavor, and headed to the courts at Coolavin Park.
The tweed ride had just arrived and the crowd was impressive. We rolled into the courts, met up with old friends and began to make new ones. Pickup games ensued on one of the two courts, while the other was occupied with a single day, 3v3 impromptu tournament.

A "pickup game" is the most casual form of bike polo. Players enter a game by placing their mallet in a pile, until the cap of six players is reached. Then the mallets are divided randomly into two teams and a game is played until five points are scored or a time limit is reached.
Place mallet here

Once the 3v3 tournament had been decided, the courts were divided in twain so a fury of pickup games could be played.
Prior to the tournament, a discussion had emerged and evolved into a dual state beer challenge. Indiana v. Michigan for the title of "Great Midwest Beer State". Growlers were sipped, opinions were shared, and I'm happy to announce that Michigan was the winner. Taking home top prizes were Founders' Red's Rye IPA and Double Trouble double IPA.

Ben from Chicago samples the Indiana brew
Distinguished, tri-state judging (Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky)

Pickup was played late into the evening

Al's Sidecar was the location for Saturday's afterparty. We met up with a few more friends from Grand Rapids, played some pool, drank some beer, and admired the charming ambiance of Lexington's favorite watering hole.

Sunday brought the main event, a full on 2v2 tournament for Spring Break 2011 Polo Champion bragging rights. Humans were not the only ones playing, this day.
The final game
Necessary Bike Polo Spring Break equipment
Our location was kept secure by a troupe of loyal K9s
To the victor belong the spoils...custom wheel covers to 1st place Rob & Lou (Chicago/Cleveland) and 2nd to Charlie & Pat (Buffalo/Lexington)

The sun sets on a Sunday evening in Lexington.

Had we become better polo players? Yes.
Had we made lasting memories with old and new friends? Yes.
Had we made connections with the locals and been ambassadors for our sport? Yes.
Most importantly, we had lived Spring Break '11 to the fullest. We had played hard, partied harder, and left behind nothing but skid marks, brain cells, and at the very least, a small part of our hearts.

See you in Lafayette

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