Evolution... because we ride.

I've never denied that I have a problem when it comes to by bikes. It's not that I'm not happy with all of them, it's just that there is some thing in the 'tweeking' process or fine tuning on things on a bicycle that gets me.

For todays 'because we ride', I'll highlight the only bike that I've ever owned that I have given a name to. Red. Red originally got its name from the red bar tape from the flip and chop handlebar I rocked on it but since I had started to go a bit overboard on finding just about any red anodized part I could for it. From crank bolts to headset, to nipples to the chain, I had issues.

Actually I still might have issues. Here are a few photos of Red's 'evolution'... the first is from the summer of 2008.

Summer of 2009...
To Spring of 2010...

Which brings us to today. I had recently decided to give Red another facelift. The first powder-coating job that I had done wasn't holding up well and last fall I had decided to repaint thanks to a little help from Uncle Sam via my taxes. I also decided to get a new fork, which I know some traditionalists might question going from a steel fork to carbon but let's just say it together... this bike is far from being traditional.

Last week, I got the frame back from the powder-coater and I had decided to go from the off-white to a silver paint. With that and the black carbon fork seems to have really toned down all the red ano. I also am transitioning to single speed from it being fixed, thus the front and rear brake set-up you'll see in the video below. Unfortunately, I found out after finishing the build that the Flip camera battery ran out before I finished, thus the photos at the end of the final [for now...] product so you don't get to see the whole process.

Before we jump to the video of the REbuilding of Red, here is the spec:

Frame: Orbit steel road frame
Stem/Handlebar: Salsa S.U.L. Quill/Titec Hellbent bar
Brake Levers/Grips: Fly Bike levers/Ergon GX1 modified with PDX Speed Metal grips
Crank/Pedals: Sugino Messenger Crank with 46T ring/All-City Cecil Pro Pedals w/ the Clayton mountain double clips and Standard Double Straps
Wheels: Velocity Deep V's 32h laced 2x with DT Swiss Competition spokes and alloy nipples [one white spoke with single purple nipple] to our Solid Axle, Cutout Flange Track hubs.

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