Chacon Edit

Mike Chacon is currently overseas riding the streets of Europe and doing a few trick competitions along the way. He recently had a solid showing at the West Jam in Portugal along with a few of our other riders [shown in bold]:

1. Edward “Wonka” Laforte (USA) – Grime, Sadio,
2. Oscar Khan (Eng) – 14 Bike co, FGLDN, Sadio, Vans, Dickies, Velocity, Holdfast
3. Simon “Gomok” Andraca (Fr) – Atelier des vélos, Eastpak, O’pignon
4. Jõao “jotta” Carmo (Pt) – WF,BreakBrake 17 bicycles
5. Michael Schmitt (USA) – G.O.A.T. crew, Grime, Sadio, Burro, Wrahw bloodfam, Chari & Co
6. Michael Chacon (USA) -Leader Bikes,Palms Cycle,Hold Fast,T-Level,Velocity, Resist, Bubble It up, The Official Brand, Zlog

This morning we received an email from Mike letting us know of his knew edit from the trip and this weekend he took 2nd in another trick comp. Mike has been using our Psycho rims for a while now - solid choice to say the least.

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