Because we truly ride.

Today, we truly have our first '...because we ride' post. Should make sense once Jacobi tells the story, enjoy:

On September 25th, 2010, I have became father of my first, Curtis Russell. This means my time is spent changing diapers, feeding and waiting around to do it all over again. So my chances of grabbing the bike and going for a two hour ride is a thing of the past. Well, not anymore!
One day while building wheels and annoying [I mean entertaining] Paul, I had brought up the question of where I could get a trailer to haul my little one around in. Paul responded with 'I have one that I'm not using anymore.'

That was when the light bulb went off in my head. Paul promptly brought in the trailer and I fell in love. It was the right price and it had spoked hubs [very important]. It started with stock 20" wheels and skinny tires. And after a full day of dreaming of what to do with this thing, through talking with the rest of the guys, I decided to go with 26" P35's with some Kenda tires. Of course, making sure this thing super smooth so the little one doesn't fell a thing, was the most important.

After highly modifying the mounting points, building the wheels and making the mounting system for his child seat there was only one response - this thing rocks!

He is so secure that you could flip this thing upside down and shake him like a salt shaker [Alo note: Jacobi did not conduct said test nor condones such testing] and he wouldn't feel a thing! He is more secure than Dale Jr. in a stock car at Daytona. But, he won't be flipping over any time soon.

Here's the break down:

Wheels - 26" P35's 28 hole [yes, 28 hole we make them, if you're an All
Mountain rider interested lowering the weight,
these things are right up your alley]

Tires - Kenda Keniptions 26x2.3 *A nod to Kenda for sponsoring the Founders Brewery Race Team. Thanks!

The Build - 28 hole wheels with only 14 spokes in each wheel. The less spokes make for a more compliant ride and well... look cool. They will support the little guy just fine.

Oh, if you're wondering. They are set-up tubeless. Why not? I'm a nerd AND I can!

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  1. don't ever take the side curtains off this machine!