Ever since JBolt took off to to east to discover the ways of the world via his bike, Alex has stepped in to head the shipping department. The transition as gone great as Alex is a speeding freight train of shipping mastery, getting Velocity goodness out to you in no time!

So in the spirit of touring and the shipping department, for today's edition of Our Rides, I'll give you Alex's write up on his Cannondale touring bike, enjoy:

This is my 'built in the barn' 1983 Cannondale SR500, recently upgraded with modern Tiagra components [leaving only the headset, seatpost, stem, and downtube shifters as original], and Velocity Dyad rims laced with DT double butted spokes to Velocity standard road hubs. The frame was given to me by a friend who was moving away and had no room to bring it. Luckily it fits me great!

I also have a rear Axiom rack to hold the killer matching Cannondale panniers I acquired after seeing them hanging in Matt's garage. I really feel like those tie it all together.

This has been my main bike for a little while now, and it rides fantastically. Originally had the original Rando/Touring drop bars on it that it came stock with, but had to make it a little less conventional since I dislike riding drop bars in the city so much, and went as cheap as possible with putting a riser setup on it.

What you see is where it is now, and I love it. If you see it locked up outside of a bar in Grand Rapids Michigan, feel free to come on in and buy me a beer. Maybe we can talk about bikes!

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