It feels good to be a winner and the Beaver Boys out of MKE Bike Polo know a thing or two about doing that.

You might recall the crew in Milwaukee had been arrested for playing polo, I mean trespassing, in a parking garage last January. The Beaver Boys are a team out of the MKE club that once again, simply win a lot.

On their Facebook page their mission is listed as:
To have fun while winning tournaments. To travel to other polo cities and explore by bicycle and play with other clubs around the world. Meet and befriend polo players everywhere we go. To defend our titles.

They are currently the holders of the Midwest Championship and a little thing called the World Championship titles. This past weekend they did it again... winning at ESPI 6 in Philadelphia. Eric Kremin, Brian Dillman, and Joe Burge in a bit of redundancy are now super qualified for the upcoming North American Championship in August.

Way to go guys! Keep it up!

And oh, they win on Velocity wheels: Deep Vs and Chukkers.

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