Espy: Allison Jones

Last year we told you about the privilege we have in sponsoring Allison Jones.

If you don't remember here is a little bit of her story from her website:

I am now 26 years old and have been active my entire life. I was born with a deformed femur in right leg. At nine months old my parents made the decision to have my foot amputated and my femur and tibia fused together. This could have set me up for a life of lower expectations and lower activity levels but not with my parents. My mother and father were very active and I was to take part in everything. I learned to ride a bike, skate board, rock climb, white water raft, hike, ski, and to just be a kid. I only knew to be a kid and not someone with a disability.

Me with a Bike
I learned to ride a bike like any kid, training wheels and in my case duct tape to keep my right foot on the pedal. I was always looking for something to do in the summer when I wasn’t skiing. For a while I was swimming with the Colorado Springs Swim Team at the outdoor pool on the Olympic Training Center Complex. My sister was not a good swimmer and didn’t really want to take part to the degree that I did so it became just me after a while. Living in Colorado Springs there was always something to do and often we would visit the local Velodrome when ever we saw the lights on. Usually it would be just a locals race, maybe even a nationals, once it was the Junior World Championships. In 1998 we went to the velodrome just as if it were a normal race going on and low and behold it was the Disabled World Championships. I had never seen someone with a disability compete in cycling before and I was very interested. My mother found the first American coach and asked how to sign up and learn to ride. The following spring I was being taught how to ride a track bike, never have ridden a normal road bike. I started to compete locally not realizing what opportunities were out there for me. I went to the disabled nationals, which coincided with junior nationals in T-Town, Pennsylvania. I competed in both the disabled athletes and the junior riders.

Last year, Allison became a world champ and this year she has caught the attention of ESPN and their ESPY award show, where she is up for the '2011 Best Female with a Disability Espy'. Her story along with all the other athletes stories in her category not only inspire but remind us of what is possible when we set out to do some thing.

Head over to the site and as they say vote early and vote often!

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