Rider Profile: Michael Chacon

Name: Michael Robert Chacon

Age: 18
Location: Culver City CA
Sponsors: Leader Bike USA, T-Level Bags, Palms Cycle Bike Shop, Hold Fast
Cycling Specification: Fixed Gear Freestyle

How did you get into cycling?

MC: Mom and Dad bought me a BMX when I was little never tried tricks but loved to ride around my block.

How long have you been riding?

MC: I've been riding fixed gear freestyle for 2 years.

How did you get into Fixed/Free riding?

MC: My friend Chris had a Fixed Gear bike. I got on it and liked the fact that there were no brakes and you could pedal backwards. So I ended up buying one to ride for fun and progressed from there

Favorite place to ride?

MC: Venice Beach, skate parks, and local high schools

Tell a story of a ride or cycling experience you will never forget:

MC: When I was in London riding with my friends I crossed the street and forgetting that the streets are opposite compared to the US I looked the wrong way and got swiped by a Taxi driver. Lucky me I was ok and got right back up and no damage to my bike, but the next morning my body was super sore.

What are your plans for the future? (Upcoming season/year goals and aspirations):

MC: Going to Indonesia for trick competition. Going to Euro Bike in Germany for trick competition.

What Velocity wheels are you using?

MC: Velocity Psychos

Thoughts on the wheels/rims?

MC: Real Beefy

What kind of bike did you build around your Velocity wheels? (Bike Check)

MC: Leader Shadow (Getting Prototype frame soon), Michael Chacon Hold Fast, Resist Hubs, Resist 45c Tires, Resist Cranks, Resist Pivotal Seat, 36 tooth Profile Sprocket, Leader Reaper fork, Leader Plisken Stem, Leader Trick Star Crossbars, Demolition Grips, Shadow Conspiracy half link chain.

What do you do when your not on your bike (guilty pleasures, etc)?

MC: Recently got a Full Time job so I’ve been doing this lately but other than that just hanging out with friends and Girlfriend, Editing videos, Driving my 1948 Chevy Fleetline on the weekends, Party, Just hanging out.

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