That's insane...

That's insane... down right psycho if you ask me.

Well, not really. We received an email from one of our favorite shops in Portland, Sugar Wheel Works, where Jude has been telling us about wheels she has been building up for B-Line. They had been going through wheels extremely quick due to the amount of weight they were carrying. That's before they got Psycho's on their rigs -successfully transporting 1,000+ pounds daily.

B-Line’s mission is to make our communities more livable.

They believe in:

- collaborative relationships that honor and build upon one another
- flexibility, simplicity, and playfulness
- leveraging the voice, leadership, and passion of our community in the quest for a healthier planet
- growing a business that is profitable yet unwavering in its commitment to community and sustainability

As a transportation company, B-Line’s vision is to redefine how goods and services are transported in our increasingly urban environment by simply providing the right tool for the job. As an advertising and promotions company, B-Line seeks to combine flexibility with ingenuity. As a stakeholder in our community, B-Line is passionate about creating a company that is part of a solution and a partner in living. We seek to enrich the fabric of our cities by reducing congestion and CO2 emissions, developing local green-collar jobs, partnering with local manufacturers and small businesses, doing our share to help those in need in our community, and generally believing in the premise that business can be a catalyst for positive change and has a responsibility to the common good.

B-line is an incredible business doing some thing pretty special out west. Read more of their story on their website.

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