Doing my random internet trolling yesterday, and stumbled onto this post from a shot visit back in May. Like flies to a light, my eyes could help but notice one of the Velosophy stickers up at Box Dog Bikes.

'Well done is better than well said'

Which prompted me to do just a simple google search on Velosophy and came up with some interesting results:

- Apparently '6 Authentic Velocity Velosophy Stickers' could go for around 5 pounds.
- Grant Peterson just wrote a book entitled 'Velosophy'

Which then showed a few links on the Youtube... if I didn't know better I would think Velosophy goes hand in hand with bad Euro-techno...

And bad parkour... [if there is such thing as good parkour]

Fortunately, redemption was found when I think clicked on this video gem from Velosophy Bikes in Sydney, Australia...

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  1. I miss those stickers. I still have 2: "The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.", and "Plans are subject to change". LOVE those things!