Photo Tuesday.

Yesterday and a post early today over at Prolly is not Probably, Prolly has posted a few pictures of a recent ride/interview with one of our 700cmx riders, Tom La Marche, over at Out of Print Magazine. Some of the stuff that Tom and a few others are pulling off is pretty crazy to say the least. Check out the OOPM website for more pictures and also check out Prolly's site for pictures from their 4/20 ride...

That's right, if you look closely Tom is rocking a P35 front and a Dyad rear, not the traditional stuff you see on most riders pulling off this stuff but certainly shows what we already knew: our rims go above and beyond what they might have first been developed for!

Below we have another one of our riders, Eric Puckett in a recent Volume Bikes ad going big over a gap with the Chukkers. Stellar.

Whether you're a roadie, a mountain biker or a 700cmxer, we'd love to see more of your own pictures rocking our rims. Post them over on our Facebook page or link them up on the comment sections here.

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