Trail Work.

For the past few months, especially these past few weeks, there has been a growing movement of people involved in developing the new trails within city limits here in Grand Rapids, appropriately called GR Bike Park. We've mentioned the park awhile back when preliminary layout was done in January and Ryan threw out his back. This park renewal, specifically the trail system, has been headed up by the wMMBA and has been gaining a lot of steam as the pump track is in it's final stages of completion and the single track is coming along well.

With the May 15th launch date quickly approaching, work has been occurring on the Thursday nights and a few weekends to get this urban bike complex together. J-Bolt, Ryan, Matt, Jacobi and along with the hard work of countless others, have been pouring in the hours to make these trails a reality. This is truly a great thing to see and to hear going on; especially when local governments are tight on funds, for outside groups to rise up, develop, manage and pursue projects like the GR Bike Park. This is the first park of it's type here in Grand Rapids with talk of another already started.

So if you're in the Western Michigan area, check out the Facebook event page and GR Bike Park's Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up on the status of the trails [along with pictures], when trail work days are happening and other ways to help. Finally, this weekend is the 21st running of the Yankee Springs Time Trial down at the Yankee Springs State Recreational Area near Gun Lake. It's a great race for the start of most riders seasons with around 600 riders showing up. Good luck to everyone!

Whether you are racing or not, get out and ride this weekend. Enjoy!

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