Rach's Green Steed

Today, we have a new contributor for our 'because we ride' series, Rachel. She is by no means new here at Velocity and is our resident nurse/stellar wheelbuilder when she's not off working her full time job saving lives at the hospital. Enjoy:

The bikes we ride... I have a few of them... maybe more than a few, but of the few I have, this bike is, by far, my favorite. I like to call it my green steed. Velo City Cycles would term the bike Sofa King. Really it's the most superb and comfortable riding steel road/fixie bike I own and was built by the awesome dudes and dudets at Waterford Precision Cycles in Wisconsin.

Not only do I like rollin' with steel, but I also like rolling with the Velocity wheels. Wheels, in my opinion, can make or break your riding experience! I've had nothing but Velocity Wheel's on this bike. Started out with a pair of gold Aeroheads with bladed spokes. It was love at the first ride. A wheel that was straight as an arrow, sturdy as a beast, and proved to be the strongest wheel I have ever ridden.Upon finding this love for Velocity wheels and having access to so many different color options, I decided I would like to be more visible since the Sofa King has become my main form of transportation. Therefore, I switched to the ELVS Deep V, the first reflective rim at Velocity Wheels. Whenever a car shines it's lights on my ride and me, it reflects the intense love I have for cycling making cars aware of my presence. With success of such a great rim, we at Velocity wheels have made massive improvements in our reflective rims, and now carry the Halo, which is available in many different style of rims. I already have plans on building up a new wheelset for my steed!

So there you have it... just one of my steeds cruising down the road with the nothing but the best... Velocity Wheels that is!

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