A-PAC strikes again!

Well, I was off for a week saving the world as they say but it's good to be back and hopefully the hype of the 750c has continued to mount. I must say it was a pretty fun post to come up with with the help of Jacobi. Of course, it was April Fools joke with the photos used nothing more than a 700c by itself and a 700c, 26", and 24" Aerohead rims side by side. Although, it's not to say that the 5'6" Jacobi hasn't been trying to push this new wheel size. Only time will tell if it will actually gain any traction.

Now, A-PAC has been making his rounds and given the attention that Jacobi was receiving from the 750c post, A-PAC decided to go after Jacobi's pride and joy...

Tweaking the 'Firebird' for maximum performance...

Then attempting to man his getaway... unfortunately with no legs, this was as far as he got.

We are now debating what punishment should be for such a cry for attention and right now, dangling him over a paper shredder seems to be the best bet.

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