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Yesterday we got an email from across the pond of what can only be consider a pretty awesome feat. On April 10th, a group of riders decided to ride the classic Paris-Roubaix course, in classic form... fixed. Yes, that sounds just as crazy to us as to you, while at the same time extremely incredible. From the website of the ride, here was their game plan:

Distance : 260km + 10km
Cobbled sections : 27 (52,9km)
Bike : fixed gear
Date : April 10th 2010
Estimated time : 10 to 14 hours
Why L’Arbre? Le Carrefour de l’Arbre is one of the most difficult cobbled section (section°4) of the Paris Roubaix race. Le cafĂ© de l’Arbre is located at the end of the 2100m. The legend says that the first racer at l’Arbre will win the race...
Why this project ? PR is my favourite race,my fixie is one my favourite bike, the finish line is in the famous velodrome of Roubaix. So, riding this race with a fixed gear is logical!!!

There are plenty of pictures and videos to check out at their site. From all that I can gather, these are a group of un-sponsored riders who simply love to ride, who sought out a challenge and conquered it. A huge hats off from all of us at Velocity, to all of you who pursue challenges like this... whether it be on the road, on the dirt, or on the cobblestones!

And oh yeah, the leader of the ride rocked these and another rider these. Just saying.

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