Merry Christmas! We're outta here.

Stumbled onto some of our friends over at Bike Jerks, and it looks like yesterday was 'New Bike Day'. Looks like a pretty sexy build to say the least but the comic at the top was definitely what set it off. So cheers to you 'Sexual Intercourse: The Bike'... you've got a pretty nice trap.

Unless you live under a rock [and if that is the case, I really doubt you encounter the intro-web all to frequently or have an email machine for that matter], 'tis the season the time has come and we're getting a few extra days off here at Velocity to celebrate the coming Christmas holiday. A time to for us to relax and spend a few days around our families and friends. We're closing down shop on both the 24th and 25th; it's also important to note that we'll also be getting our celebration on of the New Year and will be closed the 31st and 1st. Until next week...

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