Holiday Ride

This past Sunday, the WMMBA put on their annual Holiday Ride. This was just a great casual ride around Grand Rapids as we celebrate simply riding and also join in on some of the Christmas 'spirits'. The ride was lead by Steve from Ada Bike shop, who did a great job of keeping all 30 or so of us rider all wrangled up and behaving.

The ride left from Founders Brewery shortly after 1pm...

Riding a strong 1.5 miles to our first stop...

the Winchester, [or 'A' on the map] a great little bar named hopefully after this great movie...

We then packed up to stretch the legs out a bit further... around a half a mile to be certain
to land at the Green Well [point 'B']

We finally actually got out and road a bit further north of town where we passed a sledding hill that a majority of the riders just had to try out, fortunately [or unfortunately depending on your outlook] no one went down [point '0']

Stop 3 [point 'C']took us to Quinn & Tuite's Pub, which was my favorite stop of the day if I had to pick a favorite over Founders. Just a great neighborhood pub.

The ride then headed on to Cambridge House. J-Bolt, Matt, myself and few others headed to 'X of Death' instead of stopping at the next stop. Unfortunately, the 'X of Death' was more of an 'X of too much work for no pay off' so much so that the pictures taken there were embarrassingly sub par. No worries though, we then completed the ride by landing back at Founders.
Just a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here's a map of the ride for your enjoyment:

On another note, the Skidaddleisco Alleycat that was scheduled for this past weekend got rained out due to rain. Mark your calendar's West Coasters, it'll be running THIS weekend the 18th. Another reason to get out and ride to try to get your hands on some sweet swag...

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