Merry Velo-Christmas... party

It's a quiet day here at Velocity...

Although A.G.B.09 has run it's course, its bastard step child called lake effect decided to crash the party and make the roads just bad enough to make driving an experience. Yesterday evening was no different, as we closed up shop here on the SE side of town and headed towards downtown for our Christmas party.

The night started off with a few games of pool, a few drinks, a good meal then followed by a few more games of pool and a few more drinks... you know, like your typical family Christmas minus that awkward conversation with that uncle who talks about the ol' days of Gerald Ford and how they don't make things like they use to. The night was free of all the drama that often surrounds this time of year when celebration is really what is called for.

I'll let a few pictures tell some of the stories from the night but there is always more to say...

[reason #5,368 of why it's often dangerous to let Boltman out into public...]

This weeks Friday Highlight is our 48H Track Hubs.
These hubs are rocking sealed bearings with a fixed/free rear [and have no fear, a fixed/fixed is in the works] Weight on the front comes in at 272g and the rear 324g respectively, with 100mm front and 120mm rear.
These hubs are available as part of a stellar complete wheel build [say on a Chukker, for all you Polo folk out there] or sold separately. Check with your local bike shop for pricing and there is still plenty time to get these before the 25th.
Have a great weekend everyone! Remember, if you're in San Francisco or St. Petersburg check out those alleycat's or if you're looking for a good winter ride the wMMBA is putting on Holiday Ride this Sunday from Founders. It's already a go for a few of us here, hopefully we'll see you there!

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