Legend of the Rogue Stallions

Many have heard of the 3 Wolves or the Lone Wolf but there is a legend few have heard, yet just as epic. It's a story with much uncertainty and very little is actually known of the origin, it is the Legend of the Rogue Stallions.

The Rogue Stallions have rarely been seen or let alone successfully photographed. Much like the Lone Rangers, these stallions are a breed unlike any other. To some, it is simply written off as two horses running together. Others, simply believe these stories are myth or doctored photos, much like that of the Loch Ness Monster.

But somehow, in some old advertising, we have caught a rare glimpse of these uncontrollable beasts, answerable to no one [let alone their own kind], running together and all the more surprising, along side a rider rocking a Velocity kit!

Until we examined the photo closer and did a bit of research did we realize what a gem we had on our hands. The speed at which the stallions are able to run when together is staggering, thus making the ability to take a clear photo all the more difficult. You will see that even in our photo the stallions are blurred. The rider in the photo, seeming to understand the magnitude of riding in such close proximity to these amazing creatures raised her fist at the most opportune time, capturing forever the Rogue Stallions.

Oh how the stars were aligned, I do not believe such a sighting has ever happened before and the likelihood of it occurring it again seems all too slim. But the Legend of the Rogue Stallions will live on...

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