Look out Dallas and St. Petersburg!

Two upcoming events that we've sent a little swag towards coming up this month. The first is the Nut-Cracker II Alleycat down in St. Petersburg, Florida coming up this Saturday, December 12th put on by St. Pete's Skirts. There will be a Deep V wheel set up for grabs.

The next is also down south put on by the Pedallas crew, the Twenty Alley Cat happening on Sunday, December 20th. There you will have the chance to get your hands on some Deep V and Chukker rims.

Keep checking back here for more events from around the nation, where you'll be able to get your hands on some sweet Velocity gear and enjoy a good time getting out on the bike! I'll be doing our best to highlight these upcoming events and there will always be a running list on the sidebar.

Finally I leave you with today's Wheel Department Trivia:

How do you go from E.P.A. regulations to two girls, one cup in the same conversation?

The answer tomorrow.

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