As the week comes to a close, orders continue to be filled, wheels are being built and friendly wagers are being paid. If you remember yesterday, I decided to take on Jacobi in a friendly wager concerning the 'Pump' shoes. I think we can all agree that there was really only one 'real' pump shoe and others simply made shoes that NASA would be proud of.

But not being a sore loser, I pay up... and pay up promptly regardless of the amount of trash talk surrounding the bet. As you can see by Jacobi's enthusiastic expression on his face and the box in his hand, there is payment in full: 500 of the finest U.S. pennys.

Don't go spending it all in one place!

Now, the Friday Highlight... As mentioned on Tuesday we got quite a few rims and bottle traps in and if you were at Interbike this past fall you might have been able to get a sneak peak into these guys.

Some of you might remember our former bottle cage, the Velocage. It had an amazing run and was hard to say goodbye to. What closed the door on the Velocage was the machine we used to make them continued to break and the cost to fix and replace was not worth it to continue with that style. We then began to develop a cage that would be just as reliable and strong as the previous style.

Enter the Bottle Trap, this composite cage is being made just down the road from our Austrailia facility and has the same quality you come to expect from us, satisfaction guaranteed. We're offering it in a slew of colors to match whatever setup and color combo you might be rocking.

Remember if you're in Dallas or San Francisco to check out the Skidaddelisco Alleycat on Saturday and on Sunday the Pedallas 'The Twenty' Alleycat. Also tomorrow and Sunday, a few of the guys are heading down to Rays MTB in Cleveland. Jacobi, Ryan, J-Bolt and Matt will be riding in the afternoon and then again Sunday. Stop and say hello if you happen to be in that neck of the woods. Hopefully we'll have some pictures from the trip for you next week. Until then, enjoy...

Rays MTB Promo 30 from nocturnal bmx on Vimeo.

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