As simple as black and white...

Well, we've finally made it. Made it to another Friday, which means Saturday is a-coming! Days filled with rest and rides especially as the seasons begin to shift.

We have a new Limited Edition wheelset for you. The Black and White B43 track wheelset: our white B43 rim built up with our black solid flange hollow axle track hubs, white powder coated spokes and black brass nipples.

We have 35 of these limited edition wheelsets available contact your local bicycle for pricing.

All of our wheels are built with pride in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's more than just a product for us, each builder puts their name on the wheel for a reason: as a stamp of approval. From our standard builds to our limited editions, the same amount of time and precision is taken to build every wheel, treating each as if it were our very own. It's this attention to detail that sets us apart. If you've ridden our wheels or rims you know, if you haven't what better time than now to do so!

I'll leave you with a few videos for the weekend... dreams of track crashes and fresh dirt:

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