Two of Bolt's ladies...

Well, I'd like to say today we'll be hearing the epic love story between JBolt and two of his ladies. Unfortunately, I think both claim different parts of the man's heart. Either way, both are pretty special. Enjoy today's '...because we ride'...

This bike has a story. A long winded and twisted tale of an under appreciated bicycle that was ignored and left on a hook for years. Unfortunately I don’t actually know that story; I’ve just made it up in my mind. This Gios Torino came to me in almost the same state that it currently is. My good bud Alex found it on Craigslist for $430 and told me about it since it was far too big for anyone else he knows. I emailed the guy and said I would be there tomorrow to pick it up. The guy said someone was coming to look at it, but if they didn’t buy it he would let me know. I thought for sure at that price I would not get the chance to buy it. For some reason the person who went to check it out did not feel the need to buy it. So, late afternoon Sunday I duck out of polo a little early and a little drunk to go pick it up. Guy says it has been hanging in his garage/basement for years un-touched, still in like new condition with 175 miles on the computer. So why this bike never got ridden, where this guy got the bike, or why everything is from the early 80’s except the early 90’s Shimano parts I will never know, but who cares… it’s just a bike right?

Frame/Fork: Gios Torino “Professional”.

King headset

Cinelli stem and bars

Campagnolo brakes/levers, crank/b.b., seat post/binder bolt

Dura Ace downtube shifters, front & rear derailleur, cassette, hubs

San Marco Rolls saddle

Velocity Razor Rims with Dura Ace Hubs

Shimano 600 pedals (the most aweful, uncomfortable pedal ever made)

Velocity O.G. Velocage

This picture was taken with my main gal Allis. Allis Chalmers is the most bad assest hi-lo on the planet.

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