Meet the latest member of the Velocity USA crew the 'Life Size Adam Pelzer Action Cutout' [or A-PAC]. He came to us via the container from Australia yesterday. He was so excited to make it way to US of A that he had held himself to the door so as to be the first thing off. Granted, only half of him made his way to us [maybe next container we'll get his legs], A-PAC has made his presence known:

_First with a camera moment with Jacobi, his 5'6" is nothing to what appears to be an oddly un-proportionate head and arms to torso ratio but compared to 'Cobi it's always hard to tell.

_The real Pelzer handles a few things on the Australian end of things from sales to shipping, a few things in between. A-PAC being the action cutout he is just jumped right into things. Claiming he knew how to do just about everything.

Jumping into wheel department and building up wheels. Not surprisingly, A-PAC has a distinct way of building wheels which we are all still trying to fully wrap our heads around. Seeing that his hands also did not make the trip, he is able handle things well. It's important to note that the disembodied hand in the picture is still an anomaly we are trying to figure out, could it be a cruel joke towards A-PAC? We do not know.

Maybe he just wasn't ready to acknowledge or handle the toilets flushing differently we found him outside by our dumpsters 'doing his business'...

Then to top it all off, he had the nerve to get on Jacobi's trike and proceed to yell things at us. We struggled to understand what he was saying with the thick Aussie accent but from the tone, he wasn't happy or maybe he was just really excited.

All in all, he's a solid edition to the crew. I'm sure he'll continue to make is presence known among us.

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