Replacement but not Replaceable.

When things are working right, you rarely hear any thing. When some thing goes wrong, you had better believe you had better be quick to fix it.

Flashbacks of my shop days are quickly flooding my mind, as spring approaches so do the tacoed rims on all sorts of makes and models. Your local bike shop knows the drill and are ready. Hopefully that day never come for you but if it does we have your back here at Velocity.

We offer plenty of different options to upgrade and customize your bike; but some times, you just want a quality rim or wheel that will take care of you but won't break the bank. Today, we're highlighting a few rims that often get overlooked, we consider them our replacement rims: the Twin Hollow, Glider and Triple V. These moderately priced rims are given the same attention to detail and quality you come to expect from all of our rims. Made from the same 6061-T6 series aluminum, these rims are also available as replacement wheel or wheelsets at your local bike shops.

The Glider is available in 700c and is ideal for hybrid bikes. The Twin Hollow comes in 700c and 27" to satisfy either need. Our 26" Triple V is an excellent way to get your mountain bike rolling again. As with any Velocity rim or Velocity built wheel, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Posted the video below on our Twitter a few days back, still funny. Have a great weekend everyone!

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