Velocity Scuba Team: Wheel Department Daily Banter.

It was a typical Monday yesterday: wheels being built, orders being filled, and catching up on everyone's weekend which then transitions into the normal banter between the Velocity crew. All of which is healthy and in good fun, keeping us on our game and often provides some interesting content for the blog; you might remember the Utopian dream of living in the land of P. Wood.

Yesterday we might have stumbled onto another gem. The normal Monday wheel-building crew of Ryan, Paul, Jacobi and myself were rocking builds when it happened. One of the essential tools in aiding lacing up a wheel was lost. Granted we have a number of them, over the course of realizing one was lost, another found it's way gone. What tool you might be wondering? The nipple poker [insert joke here]. No machines used here to lace up our wheels, they are truly hand-built.

Lots of accusations and fingers were pointed. From me to Ryan, Ryan to Jacobi, Jacobi back to me, me to Jacobi, Ryan to me, Jacobi to Ryan... it was a mess, and you might notice, Paul was above this banter simply watching from the sideline. As one poker was found 'near' Ryan's bench, the search for the other was on... Paul started searching the benches and 'unknown' wheel-builder magically found said poker on his bench.

This then erupted into our normal passive aggressive comments:

'Oh my god, come on...'

'The pokers are on lacing table for a reason'

'I can't believe there would be two pokers on the bench...'

And so on...

Now Jacobi, being the peacemaker he is, interrupts the banter asking us. What if we were a scuba team? [Yes, we had no idea where that came from either] And what if one of our air hoses gave out, wouldn't we share our emergency hose?

Like piranha on fresh meat, we turned on him. 'Well, 'Cobi if we were a scuba team we would probably misplace the extra hose or the hose wouldn't be where it was suppose to be.' 'Yeah, we probably would have left it on the boat or even more likely it would be back on the dock, the last place any of us would look' 'In other words, 'Cobi, you might die.'

All of this because of a nipple poker:

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