Oh Hell.

Hell yes! Think you're fast? Really? Do ya punk?

This Saturday at Hop Cat in downtown Grand Rapids come and prove it. The Hell Yes! clothing crew from up in Traverse City, MI [or better known from FixedGearGallery.com fame] are leading the charge in putting on the Hell Yes! Sprints Series. We've joined in with them in providing some swag for the event and the winners. Freewheeler Bike Shop here in Grand Rapids has also thrown in some goodies all of which should make the event all that more interesting.

Here's the raw details:

This Saturday, March 13th Registration opens at Noon. Races start at 2pm

Hop Cat, Grand Rapids, MI

$5.00 to race/FREE to watch

How does it work?
3 riders hop up onto fixed gear bikes which are fork mounted to a Kreitler roller setup. The bikes are adjusted for the rider and the race gets staged up. The rollers are wired to a computer which reads the speed of the roller and translates it to distance, each race is a 500m sprint. Progress of the rider is shown head to head to head in real time on a projector.

Here's a video from the Blind Pig [Ann Arbor, MI] races last year:

As if racing and beer wasn't enough to get you out this weekend. The local legend and the man of Up'er folk...lore, the Fiddler, will be announcing this event... that's right the head of our wheel department, Ryan. We're certain he'll be plucking the heart strings of competitors and spectators alike. Either way, goods times will be had.

For more information please check out the Hell Yes! Sprints page or check out the Facebook event page.

If you can't make it out to the event this Saturday, you haven't missed out completely. There will be another event in August [see tab on the left] and I'm sure there will be another series next year. Hope to see you out there!

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