Recap... sorta.

Well, from all accounts the 'Battle of the Little Gladiators' aka the Barry Roubaix went off without a hitch. Good times were had by all as Jacobi rocked his Iver Johnson and Ryan, his Cramer 29er SS in their head to head clash in the Expert SS class. The course was a little longer than the previous year and both were able to put up better times than last year with Ryan over 4 minutes ahead of Jacobi. With combined 2009 and 2010 times, Ryan [2009: 2:06:40, 2010: 2:02:19] is 1 minute and 57 seconds ahead of Jacobi [2009: 2:04:14, 2010: 2:06:42]. The only talk going around is Jacobi dreaming of a titanium version of his Iver Johnson, rambling like a crazy man stating some thing to effect of 'If only I could get it down to 16 pounds.' over and over again...

For all the results of the full race go check it out here, along with pictures of the event located just below the results. A big thanks goes out to Rick Plite for once again putting on a stellar event.

J-Bolt stumbled onto this video earlier today today and it was too good not to put up.

Yeah, that hurts.

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