There is just some thing about the classics: classic rock, classic cars, classic movies... Well, those 'classics' might just be for Jacobi regardless of what your idea of classic is, we've got a few for you today for the Friday Highlight.

On our last container of goodness from the crew in Australia, some of the old/classic red and blue paint was found and some Deep V's were done up and sent our way. Our current electric blue and red have been super popular with their translucent, anodized-esque powder coating compared to the classic red and blue's distinct color. Jacobi calls the blue a 'mid-90's Ford pick-up truck blue' and the red being much deeper or blood red. The first picture below is of just classics together.

Here are the new and classic together. The classic being above the electric colors:

These classic blue and red are extremely limited, and available in only in 700c with 32h drilling. Contact your local bicycle shop to get your hands on these.

I'll leave you with one final taste of the Handmade Show this past weekend, it's a 10 minute video I stumbled onto over at trackosaurusrex. Have a great weekend everyone, get out and ride!

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