The Aero rim, the original, we've mentioned it before but with J-Bolt's new project and listening to him consider rocking some 27" Aero's on it topped with a local shop exploring options for a customers fixie conversion, it got me thinking how sweet of a rim we have to offer in the increasingly elusive 27" wheel size.

Maybe the Aero isn't your cup of tea, no worries, we've also offer two other rim selections in the 27" size:

- For a stock replacement for your Schwinn World Sport look no further than the Twin Hollow [below, left] with 32, 36, and 48 hole drillings.

-Maybe you're looking to beef up an old bike to start touring or spend a week over in Iowa for RAGBRAI, we also offer the Dyad[below, right] in a 27" with a drilling of 48 holes.

All this to say, we've got you covered. As with any of our rims, they can be hand-built to your custom specifications and desires.

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