A Weekend Update

This weekend we had the privilege of being part of a number of different events around the nation.

Starting out on the west coast, Summer Fix LA, where all the fixed gear freestyle riders made it out to throw down with a number of different events. One of the judges was John Watson of Prolly is not Probably, his site has a great run down of the event along with photos as they make their way to the inter-web. Here's a link to a video from the freestyle competition. Hats off to Wonka for taking 1st in the Advanced division, nice custom P35s by the way!

The NUE Series stop in Colorado for the Breckenridge 100. Results are now up on the site. Another solid year and turn out from the looks of it. Remember that overall winners for the series have a chance to win a set of wheels from us.

The North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in Madison, Wisconsin. From all reports this event went off great! There is a rumor that ESPN was there for a bit getting some footage. I wasn't able to find anything that has been posted but hopefully once some thing hits the web, I'll have it for you all. Congratulations to the Odds who won the tournament and got a ticket to Worlds in Berlin. Cheers to all of you who competed, remember to keep your can cool!

Finally, Bike Stock Dos here in Grand Rapids. Bike Stock is simply a day promoting bicycle advocacy around the city. Alex and JBolt made there way down to the festival of sorts to hang out, drink some good beer and talk shop at the booth. In the last few years alone, GR has been making great strides in becoming a bicycle friendly city and the push has continued with editorials like this.

The answer to our Friday photo challenge as announced on our Twitter earlier today, after much review and valuable time spent researching, we'd say there are 9 different Velocity logos or product shown in the current issue of Urban Velo and at least 8 logos/products can be seen in the bonus photo. It's important to note that during our intensive search, we came to the conclusion that their are potentially more but we can not say without a doubt: 12 in Urban Velo and upwards of 49 in the bonus.

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