A few things.

I won't lie, I tried to avoid posting a video today but once I saw this over on Prolly's blog I had to, this was just too good.

Hillbilly Cats Bicycle Club =^.^= 10.07.2010 from Benjamin Donadieu on Vimeo.


In what was the last tournament before the North American in Madison this weekend, the Burlington Hardcourt Bike Polo crew put on the Last Stand Waterfront Bike Polo Tournament. Doesn't look like results or photos from the tournament have been posted yet but we look forward to hearing how things went and seeing who got to take home the Chukker wheelset!

Registration has closed for NAHBPC and you can see all who's joining in here.

68 teams. 44 cities. Stellar.

If you can't make it to Madison follow the event via their Twitter and we'll do our best to RT a few things on ours.


As mentioned before, we recently built up a set of Velocity Reflective Dyad's for CommutebyBike.com. Arleigh, the main contributor for the site, will be rocking them and reviewing them in the coming months. Have experience with them? Start the conversation.

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