Videos, videos, videos.

We continue to get to be part of some of the best videos within the FSFG realm. Each film seems to push further with better edits, film making, and creativity; which has been on par with the evolution of this segment of the cycling world.

Chris Fonseca has done it again with his new film, Revoked. One of our riders gets highlighted in it, Jakob Santos, throwing down on Chukkers and like so many has recently transitioned to P35s. Check out the preview below and to get your hands on a copy head over to Revoked store. A special promotion is being run between Fonsecafilms and Leader; when you purchase the film you are entered to win a Leader Trickstar 2.0 frame and Shadow Fork. Pretty stellar.

REVOKED TRAILER from Chris Fonseca on Vimeo.

And as if you needed more persuasion, Boltman's review:


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